Sunday, 28 August 2011


I had the munchies. I wanted something quick, Nigella style. A quick flick through my 'Sweet things' recipe folder revealed the solution: Oat & Sultana Cookies
(recipe from Good Housekeeping Superfoods Cookbook).

Half were eaten within an hour of baking, the rest devoured shortly after.

Here's the recipe:
- 125g/4oz butter
- 75g/3oz light muscovado sugar (I used soft brown)
- 1 egg
- 150g/5oz rolled oats
- 50g/2oz self raising flour
- 1/4 tsp baking powder
- zest of 1 lemon (I omitted this as I didn't have any lemons in the house)
- 50g/2oz sultanas (see my modification below)
- 1 tbsp maple syrup

Oven: 190C/375F/Gas 5

1- cream butter & sugar
2- add egg
3- stir in remaining ingredients
NOTE: my husband doesn't like sultanas (or 'wrinkly fruit' as he calls them). I made half the cookies, then added a handful of raisins to the remaining cookie mix
4- with wet hands, take a small handful of cookie mix, roll into a ball then squash flat onto a baking sheet (greased, or use a silicone mat)
5- bake for 12-15 minutes
6- leave to sit on baking sheet for 5 minutes prior to transferring to a cooling rack - this allows the cookies to set and prevents them from breaking up when transferring
7- enjoy.

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