Thursday, 22 September 2011

Make A New Home Card

A post from Anna...

My cousins recently moved and I needed a card... fast! With no cash it was time to dig through the scraps. Here's how I made it:

Find a pice of card (I used A4 white) and fold it in half. Then get a piece of colourful paper (I used a sample of wallpaper from B&Q), draw an outline of a house and cut out.

Cut out a rectangle of contrasting colour paper to make the backing. Find or make a bow from ribbon that matches the colours you've used so far to place just below the imaginary roof line.

Now find or make a tag (I used mini price tags from WHSmith) and write "NEW HOME" in block capitals in a matching colour pen. Mark a small dot at the beginning and end of each line of each letter for a pretty font style. Draw a wavy line around the edge of the tag.

If you can find a mini key, great! else draw and cut one out of paper. Now tie the key and tag to the bow. Glue down the backing rectangle, then the house shape, then the bow. Don't glue down the key and tag - it's nice that they hang freely when the card stands up.

Wait for all the glue to dry, write a lovely message inside, stick in a C5 envelope and pop in the post.

Then sit and enjoy the comments and amazement from friends of how clever you are... well you are clever - you've bookmarked !

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