Sunday, 4 September 2011

Packing, Ikea Bags & Cardboard Boxes - The House Move Saga 1

A post by Alice...

Moving House - 2 words that spring fear into the heart of the most hardened soul. I have been, well I suppose am still going, through this ordeal.

With 12 moves under my belt in the past 10 years, you'd think I'd have the process down to a fine art...

I have along my way though, picked up some good tips and tricks. My top tips for successful moving day:

1) Gaffa/elephant/duck tape. And plenty of it.

2) A Sharpie or similar pen. Good for labelling boxes, bags, or your partner...

3) At least 2 'last minute bags' the odd's and ends you leave amount to rather a large amount!!

4) Pack a 'special bag' that you keep on you at all times. In that bag have;
- 2 changes of clothes, so you don't have to panic about where clothes are for the next couple of days
- Laptop & charger if applicable, that way you can hook it up to the new house and have music whilst you're unpacking
- A drink for later if, my choice is a bottle of wine, or my other half's favourite beer. Trust me you'll need it!
- Toilet roll.
- A screwdriver, allen key and a hammer, especially if you have flat pack furniture.
- A pack of multi-purpose cleaning wipes

Watch for part 2 coming soon!


  1. Thanks for being my first guest post! Look forward to part 2!!