Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Unpacking & Setting up your home - The House Move Saga 2

A post by Alice...

Continuing on from The House Move Saga 1...

Moving Day tips:
1) When moving boxes into your new place, try and put them in the right rooms ('kitchen' boxes in the kitchen etc...)

2) Remember to keep your 'important' bag with spare clothes etc... separate. I personally put it on the bed.

3) Don't try and unpack too much on the first day. Obviously put any fridge/freezer food away first, plug in the tv/laptop to watch a film on/relax, and make your bed! The rest can wait. Moving is not only physically tiring, but also quite emotional, ending an era and starting a new one.

Unpacking can be a daunting task. I remember standing in my new living room with a sea of boxes and bags, wanting to cry because I just didn't know where to start!

1) Start with furniture. There is no point unpacking things, when they have nowhere to be unpacked to. Some things will be ready set up - e.g. bookcases. Other things might need to be re-assembled, or you may need to go shopping to buy more furniture.

2) Try the furniture in different places, see what works/looks good before you fill it up with heavy items.

3) If you aren't shy of maths, why not try measuring up the furniture & the room and see the different set-ups you can have. If you really want to, you can even make mini models! For my bedroom my partner and I had a fun-filled evening of maths to see if what we wanted to buy from Ikea would all fit and how to arrange it. When we came to setting up the room the locations changed slightly, but the maths really helped to see that everything would actually fit!

4) When I moved I had some things I needed to get, whilst waiting for delivery of them I unpacked obvious boxes labelled 'books' or 'DVD's etc... into furniture that we already set up.

5) Keep a list as you unpack. Sometimes you don't realise what you need to buy until you are unpacking. Especially if you are 'upgrading' to a larger house, or moving from a furnished property to unfurnished.

6) Don't panic! It may seem like an unending task, but try to enjoy it! If you're working the week after moving day, try and be disciplined when you come home and ensure you do an hour or so of unpacking. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can relax and get onto modifying & putting the finishes touches on!


  1. I'm glad you got it organised and sorted.
    When I moved to France I didn't have the luxury of unpacking straight away as it all went to storage...and now after 9 years there are still boxes not fully unpacked!!!

  2. I too still have boxes and bags to unpack, especially those brought over from England more recently. It all takes time to rehouse everything. No need to rush into emptying all the boxes as long as you have what you need when you need them.