Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Dear Helen, you are cordially invited to make some invitations....

We have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up in the family and I volunteered to make the invitations, seeing as I have previous for card making.

Taking gold as the theme, being their golden anniversary, I ordered some gold card frames and cream cards & envelopes from Crafty Bugs.
I had already scanned some of their wedding photos into the computer, so I chose three of the pictures to go in the gold card frames. I cropped, resized according to the frames and printed them out on a couple of sheets of A4 photo paper.

Next came the assembly line task of cutting the photos, sticking to the frame, sticking the framed photo on to the card (thanks to hubby for helping!). I found the permanent tack rollers really useful for this type of job.

Once the framed photos were stuck in place, I started writing the 'title' of the card: "50 Years of Marriage". I hesitate to call it calligraphy as I wrote freehand, and didn't follow a script. I used a 1.5mm nib with gold Windsor & Newton ink.

The inners were printed on cream paper, cut to size and fixed inside as an inner leaf with some double sided tape.
Not shown to preserve private details.

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  1. Wow. They look so good I'm hoping an invite comes to me! X