Saturday, 1 October 2011

Garden Furniture - TLC

Guest post from Nigel
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Just imagine its Spring and suddenly without any warning it’s a lovely hot day and on the spur of the moment you invite friends round for a BBQ. Then shock, horror as you get the garden furniture out from the shed, you had put it away in a hurry in the Autumn before it rained again and it's all dirty and needs a bit of TLC.
Now re-wind….its Autumn and you are about to put your garden furniture away.
This is the time to give the furniture that TLC. Plus a great excuse to get out and enjoy this bonus bit of summer weather we have!

    Check the furniture over for any signs of damage / loose screws etc and rectify as necessary.

    Use white spirit to remove any grease / oil patches. You can use a propriety brand grease remover, but test first on underside to ensure no adverse effect.

  • Give a light rub over with fine sand paper to take off any rough bits (always sand with the grain).

  • Brush away the dust and wipe over with white spirit.

  • Brush on liberally Teak Oil (or similar) and leave to dry, not forgetting the edges and undersides.

  • Cover & put away somewhere dry for the winter months.
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