Sunday, 23 October 2011

Roast Leftovers

So you ate the delicious roast chicken but still have some meat leftover? and some veggies too? And let me guess, time is at a premium as it's Monday night and you're tired from a long hard day at work...

Here's a very quick and adaptable meal idea for using up those tasty nutritious roast leftovers.

Make up some cous cous using the pack as a guide to amounts of cous cous & water. Add a stock cube and some herbs to to the cous cous before pouring on the boiling water to give a nice flavour.

Heat up the leftover meat and veg in the microwave, ensuring it's piping hot.

Mix the cous cous, meat & veg together and serve!

  • I also microwaved some frozen peppers to bulk out the veg

  • Add chilli/ketchup/mayo or whatever sauciness you fancy to spice it up

  • This would be nice with a fresh crusty roll or bit of baguette

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  1. Or ... warm it up for those cold evenings - a little addition of curry powder in the cous-cous?