Sunday, 13 November 2011

Simple Table Centres

Remember a while back I made some Wedding Anniversary invitations? Well the party is fast approaching and I'm in charge of making some table centres (along with a cake which I'll be blogging as I make it).

These table centres are so simple and inexpensive. We saved clear glass bottles, such as wine bottles (which seem to accumulate quickly in our house?!) and cleaned the labels off. Using a cern relief (use in glass painting), draw or write to decorate the bottle. You could also use glass paints to achieve a stained glass effect. Leave to dry. Add a single flower and place in the centre of the table.

Notes about using cern relief:
* Practice on a glass jar first to get the hand of drawing or writing on a curve.
* Practice getting the right amount of flow from the tube to achieve your desired look.
* You can easily wipe it off with tissue before it dries if you need to correct a mistake.
* You can purchase cern relief from most good art suppliers.

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