Sunday, 29 January 2012

New house and back online!!

Hurrah! I am writing this post from my newly set-up desk in our newly designated 'hobby room' in our new house. It's been a busy January packing, moving, unpacking, changing everything over, reorganising, and generally settling in.
I'll start at the beginning. Summarising my sister's post on packing. You can not have too many cardboard boxes, Sharpies, IKEA bags nor too much parcel tape. We begged and borrowed many boxes and also ordered a pack from Removal Boxes. They were great but the courier they used was rubbish and our boxes eventually turned up (minus the packing tape and Sharpie which we suspect were removed by a cheeky driver) two days before we moved!
Make sure you label boxes clearly. We kept a red Sharpie for marking out the fragile boxes that were to be packed in the cars instead of the van.

This post is also a big thank you to our friends who helped us move. They worked really hard all day for a reward of fish & chips in the evening. My Dad came over from France for the weekend and helped out also.

Once you have physically moved everything in to your new home, you then have to go about the whole changing address thing. I created a spreadsheet before we moved containing everyone we needed to notify along with the account numbers and contact details. This saved going through all your paperwork to try and find the details when everything around you is in disarray. You can also tick the organisations off as you go. I've de-personalised my spreadsheet and made it available here for you to copy and use.
I also tried out a service at where they notify people for you. I've used it for my loyalty cards and it's quite efficient.

Coming soon... posts about organising the unpacking: where to put everything and do I really still need this?

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