Sunday, 1 January 2012

The season of reflection and fresh starts

I love new stationery. The feeling of starting a new notebook, writing in my neatest handwriting (which often deteriorated quickly). I loved the start of the school year, purely for opportunity to get new stationery!

The new year means a new diary and of course, time for the obligatory resolutions. I've bought myself a Paperblanks Diary this year. I spend ages looking for the right diary. 2011 was a Cath Kidston diary but I was disappointed with the quality of the paper in the 2012 edition. 2010 was a Moleskine. Anyway, I digress.

2011 has been an interesting year with some very sad moments, lots of happy moments, a big dollop of stress and some self discovery. 2012 I hope will be less sad, less stressy, with more happy moments and filled with experiences to fulfil and enhance the soul.

Woah, that was deep! I didn't make myself many promises during 2011, but here's a roundup of the ones I did:

So what's in store for 2012? I prefer to set myself goals rather than make resolutions. Here are my 2012 goals:

  • To complete the dolls house
    (at least in terms of decoration, furniture optional depending on how well I do!)

  • To cook a ham next Christmas.
    Something I've never done before and after tasting my brother-in-law's this Christmas, I'd like to try it myself.

  • To make Elderflower wine.
    I made some Elderberry wine back in September as I missed the flowers. It was the first wine I've ever attempted and won't be ready for a couple of years yet so I fancy trying a quicker wine as well this year!

  • To learn a new craft.
    I haven't decided/committed myself to what as yet but I'm sure I shall come across something.. please feel free to tweet me if you have any suggestions!

  • To take regular bike rides with my family.
    Our new house is right near the country park, so we plan on buying a trailer for the toddler and riding to and around the park. Who knows, I might even get fit! Ha!

  • To do the Advanced Driving course.
    I'd love to pass the IAM test and become an advanced driver.

First on my list though, is moving house. We're moving next week - EEK! I've been re-reading my sister's posts on moving part one and part two. Once settled in, I shall post up to let you know how we did. I also have a challenge with the new kitchen as it's about a third of the size of my current kitchen (EEK again!), so you can expect some posts around maximising space and efficiency in the kitchen. Please feel free to tweet me with your best loved multi purpose kitchen gadgets, as well as those you wouldn't give your precious cupboard space for.

Right, best get back to packing then!

Happy new year everyone! Take 2012 by the horns and make it a year you achieve some of your ambitions.

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