Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sorting out the kitchen

My new kitchen is tiny. Compared to my old kitchen, my new kitchen is about one third of the size. I have HUGE storage issues.

I couldn't move for boxes and bags. I didn't know where best to put things. Or how to prioritise the precious (and partly inaccessible) cupboard space.

So out came all the boxes and a plan was hatched:

  • All dining ware into the dining room. Bam! One section done!

  • All infrequently used items to go on top of the cupboards or in the dining room

  • I bought clear plastic boxes for all my little baking bits like cookie cutters, food colouring, decorations, etc. These went in those awkward deep corner cupboards.

  • Anything that can be kept in the fridge, is kept in the fridge. For example: jams, chutneys, ketchup, bread...

We have one free wall in the kitchen. It's a bit of an awkward space because the back door opens onto it.

Shelves were the answer. Being put on a plasterboard wall, they required special fixings. They're a fat wall plug that should be self-screwing. But they weren't. Not in our walls anyway, so we ended up drilling a pilot hole to help the wall plugs along. This worked fine until we hit a baton. Good job the daughter was asleep and missed the cursing! A spirit level is also a good idea when putting shelves up.


So here are my shelves. They're the GRUNDTAL selection from IKEA. Don't you just love the IKEA names!? Just me? Ok then...

We're got a spice rack to hang from the top shelf, in case you're wondering why they are spaced out like that. We put it up and then realised it was wonky (the spice rack, not the shelf!). So another trip to IKEA is required. Better set myself a cash budget.
I also got some 'S' hooks to hang from the shelves for my utensils which vastly tidies up my overstuffed utensils pot. It's great to see in an instant what you need.

So, that's half the kitchen done. Next on my list is to finish tidying and sorting my cupboards...

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