Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bedroom: Organised!

Last post I spoke about getting things done. I needed to get organised. The amount of chaos was taking over my life and I felt out of control. So I wrote a list of what was bugging me and how I was going to fix them. Then I added them to my calendar.

I had last Friday off work, and Lucy was in nursery so I decided to tackle the bedroom. I gathered together a black sack, a recycling sack, vac bags, vacuum cleaner, duster & polish, and put some motivating music on.

I started with the wardrobe. Taking one section at a time (shelf, rail, floor) and sorted them into the following:

  • Bin

  • eBay (good stuff I don't want any more or doesn't fit)

  • Charity (too cheap to eBay)

  • Winter (vac bag for storage)

  • Wardrobe-worthy

I then (carefully) put the wardrobe-worthy pile back into my wardrobe and threw out all the horrible hangers.
Now I can see my wardrobe floor and all my clothes! I feel so much better already... keeping on a roll and tackling the dresser next. Following pretty much the same method:

  • Bin

  • Dresser-worthy

  • Doesn't belong here

I then cleaned the top and decided I didn't want to keep a load of stuff on the surface. I find that once you start storing stuff somewhere, it becomes a magnet for other stuff. Before you know it, you've got a big pile of unorganised 'stuff'. So I decided to repurpose some IKEA Kompartment boxes that fit into the drawers and organised the top drawer. I have these Kompartments:

  • perfumes

  • Hair brushes and products

  • Daily use (deodorant, face cream, etc)

  • Odds & ends (pillow spray, cold cream, etc)

  • cotton wool & cotton buds

  • Hair clips

  • Hair bands

  • Occasional-use hair stuff (like curling irons.. I have WAY too much hair stuff)


Then to complete the good feeling of spring cleaning, I put all my shoes away lined up under the bed, gave the room a deep clean and airing with fresh linen. It feels so good! So that's THREE TICKS in one day! Go me! (no more explanation marks, I think I've gone overboard).

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