Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring Cleaning

It was a weekend of two halves, weather wise. Saturday was glorious sunshine and I took my daughter to the park. Sunday we had snow. I didn't quite believe the weather forecast but sure enough, snow flakes were very definitely falling from the sky. Weird weather.

So it got me thinking that it's time to do a spring clean. We've only been in our house for two months now but there are still areas that I haven't got round to deep cleaning from when we moved in, areas that haven't yet been properly unpacked. We've all been ill for the past month: things have slipped. We need to get back on track. Blow out the cobwebs. Sort out all the little niggles. Get in shape for the summer.

I am hugely inspired by Tracy from Shutterbean's 'High Straightenence' column on the Homefries website. Each week, she tackles a different area of chaos in her house, transforming it into a model of organisation.

So my plan is to list the things I'm not happy with and decide how I'm going to tackle each one.

There. That's the list done. Now I need to set dates. Commit.

So I made little commitment notes to stick on the calendar. Using post it notes means I can switch the days around if I need to. They kind of take over my calendar but I'm feeling determined. I can do this!

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