Monday, 9 April 2012

Mum's coming to stay! or How to blitz the house and prepare for a guest

What a busy couple of weeks! My Mum came to stay last weekend, and we had our first rental inspection of our house (they like to check you haven't trashed the place!) so I took the day off work and blitzed through the house with my cleaning gear.

I started by sitting down with a drink and my notepad & pen to write a plan of action:

Making a list

Then I gathered together my cleaning equipment:

Essential items

I used:

  • cream cleaner

  • spray polish

  • bleach

  • microfibre cloth (for polishing bathrooms & mirrors)

  • all-purpose cloth (for wet cleaning)

  • yellow dusting cloth

  • feather duster (for getting into those hard-to-reach corners)

  • marigolds (to save my hands!)

  • toothbrush (for scrubbing around the taps etc)

Then I poured myself a large glass of juice, put the radio on, opened the windows and headed to the top of the house. It only took 4 hours. Stay focused, take a break halfway, and think of it as a workout! (apparently you burn about 200 calories per hour cleaning).

Once the house was spickety-span (is that a word? it is now!), I attempted to turn our hobby room into a guest room for my Mum.
I moved a little coffee table up into the room and put a lamp and some magazines on it. I also re-purposed a little basket and put some essentials such as toothpaste and a facecloth in it.
We inflated the airbed and made it up with the spare duvet, added some towels, et voila! A guest room!

We had great fun with my Mum over; playing scrabble of an evening with a glass of wine, visiting my sister (we took pulled pork & coleslaw), and catching up. Mum lives in France so we don't see each other often. We also had a bonus couple of days with my Mum courtesy of the French air traffic control strike, so I'm glad I made such an effort with the 'guest' room!

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