Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Progress Update!

Back in January, I posted about my goals for 2012. Now we are (just over!) one third of the way through the year, how am I doing?

  • To take regular bike rides with my family
    Well, we bought a trailer for our bikes and have been cycling around the country park.
    Cycle ride with the new trailer

  • To do the Advanced Driving course
    I have researched the Institute of Advanced Motorists driving course and plan on doing it over the summer.

  • To learn a new craft.

    I plan on buying a sewing machine and learning how to use it properly for my new craft. Then I want to make some cushion covers and will make soft furnishings for the dolls house.

  • To make Elderflower wine.
    I'm watching the Elder tree at my in laws ready for the flowers!

  • To complete the dolls house
    I'm making progress - to be reported soon!

I also made some commitments in my spring cleaning post:

  • Clean the kitchen cupboards - done!

  • Unpack shoes - done!

  • Sort out wardrobe - done!
    Sorted! wardrobe

  • Organise dressing table - done!
    Sorted! dressing table

  • Create a cleaning schedule - not done

All in all, I'm making progress!

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