Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Papier Maché

Becky at Clean White Paper and I decided to do a craft share and make papier maché bowls.

I haven't done papier maché since I was at school so I was quite excited at trying it again!

I decided to use a PVA/water mix (two thirds PVA glue to one third water).

glue mixture

I tore newspapers into strips of about 1" by 2". This was to be my mistake. As I was layering the paper on, I realised I should have used smaller pieces of paper to create a smoother finish. So I decided I would go for a rustic look!

newspaper strips

Using a balloon as a mould I simply started dipping the strips of newspaper into the glue mixture, wiping off the excess and laying them onto the balloon.

balloon mould

I created two layers at a time, then let the paper dry overnight.

Once finished, I removed the balloon, trimmed the edges and gave the bowl a coat of emulsion paint. I decorated the bowl by punching holes around the rim and weaving ribbon through.


perfect for keeping pretty hair clips in

papier maché bowl

Have a look at my crafty Pinterest board for more inspiration and
check out Becky's papier maché!

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