Monday, 6 May 2013

Back in the saddle!

It's been a crazy few months.

Firstly, my son was born at the end of January.

It took us ten days to name him and we eventually settled on Oliver. I hated him not having a name, but it was SO HARD to choose!
I'm working on losing the baby weight by using My Fitness Pal and Striiv. My Fitness Pal makes you take stock of what you are eating and has made me realised just how many calories are in some biscuits (oooops). Striiv has been such a great motivation. It's a pedometer with social networking and a game wrapped up into an iPhone app. The game and challenges are very addictive while the social networking aspect has you competing to see who can walk the farthest each day. The best thing is that the two apps link up and the calories burnt logged by Striiv automatically appear in the cardio exercise section of My Fitness Pal. I've fallen off the wagon whilst moving but now we're about 80% moved in, it's back to it today.... I've a weekend away booked at the end of the month!

We finally completed on our house purchase two weeks ago. It has taken nearly six months and the chain just grew and grew! We've just moved in and are clearing and cleaning out the old rented house. Gosh we have so much STUFF.
Rather than write one huge post, I'm going to break down our house progress to date. To summarise though: we have refitted the kitchen and decorated almost the entire house so far!

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