Sunday, 26 July 2015

Being a working mum

It's half past ten on a Sunday evening. I've finally got my kids to sleep, and got most of the chores done. But now my brain is wired. I wrote an article on work life balance  the other week, and it's got me thinking.

As I watch my children sleep (they are at their most adorable when sleeping!), did I shout at them too much this weekend? Did I play with them enough? The weekend has passed by so quickly and I'm certainly not feeling relaxed. Instead I'm filled with guilt at looking forward to going to work on Monday morning to get some peace! This can't be right?

Let me look back on my weekend though... I spent most of Saturday at my in laws with the family, I spend Sunday morning baking cakes with the kiddos.

Sunday afternoon was spent going for a walk and cooking dinner. After dinner we piled onto the sofa together to read books. Sunday evening has been spent trying various methods to encourage my 2 1/2 year old son to settle down to sleep!

That's some quality time right there.

I did also do my fair bit of shouting. I try to follow most of Jo Frost's rules: get down to their level, explain right and wrong, be consistent, etc. But sometimes I do lose it and shout. Especially when they started fighting on the stairs!

So as I try and wind down for sleep, perhaps I should be happy that I've topped up on quality family time and am ready to face the challenges that work will present on Monday morning.

Parenthood will always be full of guilt and doubt, whether you work full time, part time or are a stay at home parent. There is no manual. We all try and do the best we can.

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